The project involves 4 partners.

Università degli Studi di Brescia (Coordinator), DICATAM Department, project leader: Prof. Marco Pilotti. Resposible for the quantification of the phosphorous load entering the lake from the main tributaries (WP1); sewage modelling  (WP5); lake modelling (WP6); project dissemination (WP7) and project managment (WP8).

Marco Pilotti, PhD in hydraulic engineering, project coordinator, responsible for the project managment and for the Unibs activites.
Giulia Valerio, PhD in hydraulic engineering, responsible for the dissemination and contributing to the monitoring and the modeling activities.
Barone, MSc in Environmental Engineering, contributing to the sewage modeling activity
Andrea Piccinelli, MSc in Computer Engineering, responsible fo the database managment and the real time data visualization.







Università di Parma, Dipartimento di Bioscienze, local project leader: Prof. Pierluigi Viaroli. Responsible for the quantification of the phosporous load from overflows of the combined sewer along the lake (WP2).

Pierluigi Viaroli, PhD in Environmental Sciences, coordinator of the UniPr activites
Daniele Nizzoli, PhD in Ecology, reponsible for the hydrochemistry and biogeochemistry field work.
Giampaolo Rossetti, PhD in Ecology, contributing to the understanding of the plankton ecology in the lake.
Rossano Bolpagni, PhD in Ecology, responsible for the macrophyte taxonomy and ecology species distribution field work.
Alessandro Scibona, MSc in Environmental Sciences, supporting the field work (hydrochemistry and biogeochemistry).

Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisherie, Department of Chemical Analytics and Biogeochemistry, local project leader: Michael Hupfer. Responsible for quantification of the phosphorous fluxes from the sediments (WP3).

Michael Hupfer, PhD in Limnology, coordinator of the IGB activites
Christiane Herzog, Diploma Chemistry, contributing to the laboratory analysis of the water and sediment samples
Juliane Roth, MSc Environmental Studies, contributing to the preparation of campaigns, lab and field work
Maximilian Lau, PhD in geochemistry, resposible of the field work development, and contributing to the data analysis
Sylvia Jordan, Diploma in Geography, resposible of the data processing and contributing to the preparation of field campaigns
Thomas Rossoll, Diploma in Environmental process engineering, contributing to the the field work and the samples analysis

Institute for the Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment (IREA) of the National Research Council (CNR), local project leader: Claudia Giardino. Responsible for the remote monitoring of the lake       surface (WP4).

                                             Claudia Giardino, PhD in                                               Remote Sensing, coordinator of                                             the CNR-IREA activities
Mariano Bresciani, PhD in Ecology, responsible for the satellites image analysis and and the IREA fieldwork activities
Ilaria Cazzaniga, PhD student, contributing to the satellite data processing and the fieldwork activities
Mauro Musanti, technician, responsible for the calibration and preparation of in situ instruments